Volume 8 • No 1 • JUNE 2021

Sections summary


Urbanism Next Europe is the European Chapter of the successful Urbanism Next Conference in the US city of Portland. This section is dedicated to the interdisciplinary convening of private, public and academic stakeholders who play critical roles in shaping the future of our cities. The conference will explore how technological, societal and economic trends will change the following: Land use | Environment | Architecture | Public Health | Retail | Equity | Transport | Public Space | Real Estate | Economy | Urban Planning | Governance


Senior transport officials from forward-thinking cities around the world discuss their plans for the future and how they are addressing the mobility issues that matter most to their citizens.


The impact that urban and regional mobility has on the environment and on health, and how the adverse impact can be reduced


Traffic Efficiency & Mobility addresses issues related to network management, network efficiency and innovative services, with a particular focus on Intelligent Transport Systems


Mobility for urban economic development and social policy. This includes accessibility of transport for the mobility impaired and accessibility to basic services for everyone; the financing of public transport and transport projects generally; and regulation, planning and governance


The local and regional level is where disruptive change and transport innovation can flourish and are happening. However, this requires good regulatory approaches which make sure that the current paradigm shift does not undermine sustainable mobility policy goals. This section focuses on an evolving mobility landscape with increased involvement of private sector stakeholders and new public-private partnership


This section addresse road safety and the security of transport systems. It covers road safety policy, addressing all categories of road users and supporting the development of innovative solutions. It also covers technological innovations that contribute to the improvement of road safety